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Natural Collection, UK ~ Eco-Friendly Shopping From One Of The World's Leading Retailers of Green Products

Natural Collection: At Natural Collection Direct You'll Get The Best Selection of Internet Shopping and always The Best Prices!

Natural Collection, UK ~ Eco-Friendly Shopping From One Of The World's Leading Retailers of Green Products
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Natural Collection believe that the ultimate ideal goal and vision for sustainable consumption is that all products are in complete harmony with nature by being. Natural Collection goes to great lengths to source products which adhere to the most eco-friendly policies; here are just a few of the things that get checked:
  • Products are made out of durable, non toxic, grown or recycled materials where possible
  • Products are easily recyclable or compostable in the UK at the end of their life, or that can be returned to the original manufacturer for recycling
  • Products which are powered by renewable energy in manufacture and delivery and use
  • Products which are free of releases of hazardous or persistent compounds during manufacture or in use
  • The income generated by product sales supports all participants fairly throughout the supply chain
  • Are durable, so less of them need to be made.
  • Are made of natural materials or materials produced by organic agriculture (such as cotton, food, wine, , cosmetics ingredients etc.).

As you can tell, Natural Collection does much more than just talk about being ecologically aware, and you can be confident, when you purchase anything at all from Natural Collection, that you wont be disappointed.
When you shop with Natural Collection you get more than just great products - you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your money is going to a company which truly tries to effect positive changes in the world. In its few years in existence, Natural Collection has raised and contributed over 300,000 for environmental and other worthy causes.
You can also take comfort in knowing that Natural Collection makes great efforts in trying to ensure that the products it sells do not exploit the environment, animals or people involved in its production and supply, and is keen to promote products which are made using renewable energy like wind, biomass or solar power.

Natural Collection, UK ~ Buy Green, Buy Organic, Buy Eco-Friendly, Direct from Natural Collection

If you're looking to "shop green" then there's nowhere better for UK eco-friendly shoppers than the Natural Collection online store. Natural Collection is the UK's leading non-food ecological retailer and is the official catalogue for Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Trees for Life, Out of This World, The Vegetarian Society, Compassion in World Farming and the World Society for the Protection of Animals.
Formed in 1999, Natural Collection has become a favoured destination for eco-friendly shoppers, and now boasts hundreds of unique, recycled and recyclable, green and organic products on its website. Great care is taken when selecting the products which are offered, to select only those which conform to the very highest ideals, which means not only "green" but also those which contribute to creating fair-trade and alleviating poverty.

Natural Collection, UK ~ Eco-Friendly Shopping From One Of The World's Leading Retailers of Green Products

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